Sweet Peas Haunted Forest isn’t like any other haunted house because it takes place in a REAL forest- with all the creepy, natural ambiance to go with it. There aren’t any walls to protect you from the horrors that lurk in the trees and no roof to keep out the howling October winds. The woods are covered with horrific sites, zombies and other creatures that wait for you to arrive.

This adventure is not for the faint of heart… Not only do we welcome you to try your luck at the Forest.

Haunted Forest at SweetpeasPumpkinfest for 3 nights only (Saturdays) click below to get your tickets:

Tickets: October 12

Tickets: October 19

Tickets: October 26

*** Rain or Shine ***

ADULTS - $15.00 per person

*** Admission does NOT include a free Pumpkin ***

Cash Only

Due to the Fact that we cannot control how you will act/react when you get scared, everyone ENTERS AT THEIR OWN RISK.

Here are the other rules we enforce at the Haunted Forest


  1. NO touching the actors/haunters
  2. Move through the forest at a steady pace and stay on the trail.
  3. No swearing or foul language
  4. No smoking, alcohol or illegal substances
  5. No destruction of any props or property

By obeying the Haunted Forest rules makes it a safer and more enjoyable time for all. Anyone caught breaking the Haunted Forest rules will be escorted off the property.