About Us

We purchased our farm in 1999 wanting to give our two children Brandon and Nicole, 5 and 3 years old at the time, the kind of childhood we had growing up. The freedom of wide open spaces, lots of adventures to be had and the pride that comes with hard work (there is lots of hard work on a farm).
Running an outside business at the time, the land was mostly rented for crops.
Our first business on the farm was Sweet Peas Mud Bog, which is now in its 16th season. It has grown into a well know community event, held annually 3 times a year.
In 2010, my husband was inspired to start our own Pumpkinfest after years of watching Little People Big World as a family.
Now into our 5th season, we are growing and establishing ourselves in the community. We love to see little ones running around enjoying the farm as our children did.
Our daughter now in her 2nd year of college is taking business and hopefully one day will come back to offer new ideas.
Our son who works off the farm, is always around to lend a hand with the Pumpkinfest and other farm needs, with the idea to one day take over the farm.
My husband and I started this family business and hope to see it grow for generations to come.

Jeannie and Christian Paradis